Dr. Elaine Mckevitt


Dr. McKevitt is a Breast and General Surgeon at Providence Health Care in Vancouver. She did her medical training and General Surgery residency in British Columbia. She also holds a Masters degree in Education, UBC. Her clinical practice is focused at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital, Vancouver, where she is also active in teaching, breast cancer research, and multidisciplinary rounds at the Providence Breast Center.

Dr McKevitt is the chair of the BC Cancer Surgeon Network Breast Surgical Tumour Group as well as chair of the BC Cancer Surgeon Network Continuing Professional Development and Knowledge Transfer Committee. Through the surgical tumor group Dr. McKevitt has led the Breast Cancer Synoptic Operative Report initiative, led the updating of BC Cancer surgical cancer management guidelines, and was guest co-editor of the 2018 BCMJ theme edition on breast cancer. She has been involved in the development of National Standards for Breast Cancer Surgery through the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer.

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