Patients’ Journey in Fighting Breast Cancer

Improving Care with Research at the PBC

Article from the Daily Scan on August 2, 2023

Magnetic Seed Localization of Breast Lesions in 2023

Dr. Amy Bazzarelli pioneers in introducing this surgical localization technique to British Columbia.

Feast of Fortune 2023 to Support PBC

Scotiabank Feast of Fortune 2023 raised a record-breaking $3.58 million for healthcare at the new St. Paul’s at the Jim Pattison Medical Centre.

The Feast of Fortune is an annual fund-raising event helping to fund life-saving diagnostic tools, surgical equipment, and research studies to improve patient care.

PBC Referral policy change in 2022

We have updated our referral policy in October 2022 in order to manage the volume of referrals.

Lights of Hope 2020 to Support PBC

Providence Breast Centre in 2014

Providence Health Care Breast Centre in 2012

From Rapid Access Breast Clinic to Providence Health Care Breast Centre.

Pink Glove Breast Cancer Dance at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital

Read about the PHCBC and the Digital Mammography Campaign in the Newsletter of Tapestry Foundation – Issue Fall 2012

About Nurse Navigators in 2011

Nurse navigator streamlines breast cancer treatment (from News1130, Jun 23, 2011)

Born of Rapid Access Breast Clinic in 2010

Establishment of Rapid Access Breast Clinic at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital in 2010

MSJ Rapid Access Breast Clinic on Global News Hour (Global News, April 26, 2010)